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Rector of the Kyiv School of Economics


Tymofii Brik is the Rector of the University of the Kyiv School of Economics since 2022. He has been working at the Kyiv School of Economics since 2018. Over the years, he has held the positions of Head of Sociological Research at the KSE Institute and 32red casino reviewsVice President for International Relations at the university. Since 2018, Brik has been teaching and conducting research in the field of sociology (sociology of religion, social research methods, network analysis, identities).

Tymofii Brik received his PhD in Sociology from the Carlos III University of Madrid (2013) and a Master’s degree in Sociology and Social Studies from the University of Utrecht (2011). In 2023, he was a visiting professor at Northwestern University, where he taught two courses (“Sociology of Religion” and “Ukrainian Society”). In 2018 and 2019-2020, he worked as a visiting scholar at Stanford University and New York University (Wuchinch and Fulbright scholarships, respectively). In 2018, Brik received the Natalia Panina Award for the Best Young Sociologist.

32red sport reviewSince 2021, he has been the national coordinator of the European Social Survey (ESS) in Ukraine (an international comparative study that has been conducted in most European countries since 2002). 

In addition, Brik was the chairman of the think tank CEDOS supervisory board (Center for the Study of Society). He is a member of the advisory board of’s Ratings Sellers project and the advisory board of the research company Gradus. Brik is also one of the co-founders of Urban Space 500, a public restaurant in Kyiv.

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Publications in the media (the list is not complete):

  • 2023. “Ukraine’s resilience: How an administrative reform boosted social capital and trust in Ukrainian communities,” VoxEU / CEPR (31 August, with Helge Arends, Benedikt Herrmann, and Felix Roesel)

  • 2022. “The source of Ukraine’s Resilience: How Decentralized Governance Brought the Country Together,” Foreign Affairs (28 June, with Jeniffer Murtazashvili)
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  • 32red sport review2020. Trump’s impeachment is not over for Ukrainian citizens. Washington Post blog Monkey Cage. (with Aaron Erclich and Jordan Gans-Morse).