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The team of the Center for Health Economics analyzes problems and develops solutions in health care together with doctors, experts, patients, civil servants, and politicians. The Center’s experts have extensive experience working on projects and as consultants in the field of health economics with key international partners, such as WHO, World Bank, USAID and Economist Intelligence Unit.


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  • – short-, medium- and long-term training courses and programs;
  • – consulting on issues of economics and management in health care;
  • – analysis and development of practical solutions to health care problems.



11.02.2021 — Collective immunity to SARS-CoV-2 in Ukraine — no more than 20% — KSE analysis

02.04.2021 — High risk of a new outbreak of COVID-19 in three western regions of Ukraine — KSE analysis

29.01.2021 — How to ensure collective immunity to COVID-19 in Ukraine by the end of 2021 — KSE vaccination plan

21.01.2021 — Ukraine is among the eight European countries that have not yet started vaccination against COVID-19 – KSE analysis

24.12.2020 — The number of newly detected cases of COVID-19 stabilized in mid-November — KSE analysis

17.12.2020 — As a result of COVID-19, 21,000 people may die by the end of the year – KSE modeling

10.12.2020 — The statistics of patients with COVID-19 decreased probably due to a decrease in PCR tests 32red sportsat the end of November — KSE analysis

03.12.2020 — If we do not introduce a lockdown in December, we risk a collapse of the medical system on New Year’s holidays

26.11.2020 — Vaccination will not save Ukraine from the spread of COVID-19 in 2021, it is only one of many tools — KSE analysis

12.11.2020 — Up to 33,000 people may die from COVID-19 in Ukraine by the end of the year

12.11.2020 — Hospitals filled with patients with COVID-19 are added every week from the reserve – KSE analysis

5.11.2020 — Should schools be closed and what kind of quarantine is needed in Ukraine — recommendations of KSE experts

30.10.2020 — Every fourth hospital of the first wave is already critically full of patients with COVID-19

22.10.2020 — Every fifth hospital of the first wave is critically filled with patients with COVID-19

15.10.2020 — Up to 20,000 people may die from COVID-19 in Ukraine by the end of the year

Academic publications

Obrizan M. 2020. Transition welfare gaps: one closed, another to follow? Economics of Transition and Institutional 32red sports bettingChange, Volume 28, Issue 4 (October), 621-635.

Obrizan M. 2019. Diverging trends in health care use between 2010 and 2016: Evidence from three groups of transition countries. Economic Systems, Volume 43, Issue 1 (March), 19-29.

Obrizan M. 2018. Quantifying the gap in self-rated health for transition countries over 1989-2014. Comparative Economic Studies, Volume 60, Issue 3, September, 388-409.

Obrizan M, Wehby GL. 2018. Health Expenditures and Global Inequalities in Longevity. World Development, 101, January, 28-36.

Conferences and seminars

A joint workshop by CINCH Health Economics Research Center, Universität Duisburg-Essen, Germany and the Kyiv School of Economics, Ukraine supported by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Gesundheitsökonomie (dggö), February 22nd, 2022. Health and human capital in a disrupted transition economy.

Obrizan M. Research Seminar at Leibniz Institute for East and Southeast European Studies, Regensburg, Germany, 32red sport reviewOctober 22nd, 2019. Conflict and population health – evidence from Ukraine.

Obrizan M. Research Seminar at the International School of Economics at Tbilisi State University (Georgia), May 30th, 2019. Is overworking bad for your health?

Obrizan M. Research Seminar at the University of Duisburg-Essen (Germany), April 24th, 2019. Is there a transition gap in self-rated health of adolescents?

Obrizan M. Research Seminar at RWI – Leibniz Institute for Economic Research (Essen, Germany), April 25th, 2018. IDP smoking patterns in Georgia.

Publications in the press and blogs

Maksym Obrizan. Unpaid work, gender equity and health: how can Ukraine benefit from time-use data? Vox Ukraine, December 20, 2022

Maksym Obrizan, Pavlo Iavorskyi. Public health and the war in Ukraine: Comparing 2015-16 to 2012-13. Vox Ukraine, November 8, 2022

Maksym Obrizan. How should we reconstruct Ukrainian health care after the victory? Vox Ukraine, September 9, 2022