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The total amount of damage caused to the Andriivka and Nemishaeve villages 32red sportsin the Kyiv region is $18.8 million

7 October 2022

The total amount of damage caused to Andriivka and Nemishaeve villages in the Kyiv region due to Russia’s war against Ukraine is estimated at $18.8 million.

These are the KSE Institute’s data within the “Russia will pay” project. The calculation of the damage to villages’ infrastructure was carried out based on data collected in the framework of the RebuildUA project, initiated by SmartFarming and Vkursi Zemli. Digitized information about the infrastructure of the Borodyanka is the most accurate damage estimate for today. 

The total amount of damage to Andriyivka village, 32red casino reviewsleads to Kyiv from the belarussian border, is estimated at $15.3 million. This is the most destroyed village in Kyiv region, which was under occupation for the longest time. Almost 600 buildings were destroyed here out of 1,993 buildings in total, most of them private houses. Damages to the housing stock of the village amount to $9.3 million. Another $3.9 million are damages due to the destruction of industrial and commercial buildings. The social and administrative infrastructure in the village was also damaged by $2.1 million due to hostilities. 

The damage to the Nemishaeve 32Red Casinovillage, located along the Kyiv-Kovel highway, between Bucha and Borodyanka, is $3.5 million, of which $1.9 million is due to the destruction of residential buildings and outbuildings with a total area of 43,000 m2, and another $1.6 million was caused to the industrial and social infrastructure of the village. In total, 199 buildings were destroyed and damaged in Nemishaevo, including a school, a kindergarten, 2 colleges, a grocery store, offices, and commercial establishments, and 3 industrial and commercial buildings.

All calculations are made in accordance with 32red sport reviewthe dollar exchange rate as of January 1, 2022. Find more information via the link: 

• Andriivka village: https://eng.rebuildua.net/andriivka 

• Nemishaeve village: https://eng.rebuildua.net/nemishaeve