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The total amount of damage caused to Makariv village in the Kyiv region during the war is estimated at $133.5 million

29 September 2022

During Russia’s full-scale war against Ukraine, the total amount 32red casino reviewsof damage caused to the infrastructure of the Makariv village is $133.5 million.

These are the KSE Institute’s data within the “Russia will pay” project. The calculation of the damage to Makariv’s infrastructure was carried out on the basis of data collected in the framework of the RebuildUA project, initiated by SmartFarming and Vkursi Zemli. Digitized information about the infrastructure of Makariv is the most accurate damage estimate for today.

Makariv in Kyiv region suffered from constant rocket and artillery shelling from the end of February until April. During this time, 2,305 buildings were destroyed and damaged in the village — this is almost 30% of the total number of buildings. Of 32red sports bettingthem, 704 were total or severely destroyed. 

The largest share of damaged and destroyed buildings — 1,942 or 84.3% — are private and multi-apartment houses, townhouses, garages, greenhouses, and outbuildings with an area of 327,000 m2. In total, the amount 32red casino reviewsof damage caused to the village’s housing stock is $67.03 million.

In second place in terms of damage is the social infrastructure of Makariv — $34.2 million. Russian troops destroyed 3 kindergartens, 3 schools and colleges, a library, 4 veterinary clinics, 2 laboratories, a private clinic, a rehabilitation center, 2 museums, a church, a radio tower, 17 grocery stores, and 3 cafes and restaurants.

Due to the damage and destruction of the industrial infrastructure, the Russian 32Red Casinotroops caused another $27.3 million in damage to Makariv. In total, the occupiers damaged and destroyed 176 industrial infrastructure objects, including 15 of the 19 existing warehouses in the village, 71 utility structures, and 78 industrial buildings. 

The experts of the “Russia will pay” project estimated the damages caused to the administrative buildings of the village at $4.6 million. In Makariv, as a result of the hostilities, 2 post offices, a fire station, a police station, forestry, 7 out of 10 government and administrative buildings were damaged and destroyed. What’s more, the village lost $400,000 due to damage to electricity, gas, heat, and water supply facilities, 32red sportsas well as buildings of the communal economy. 

All calculations are made in accordance with the dollar exchange rate as of January 1, 2022. Find more information about the damage to the village’s infrastructure via the link: https://eng.rebuildua.net/makariv 

The KSE Foundation together with the Ministry of Health of Ukraine are restoring a local hospital in Makariv, Kyiv region, which was completely destroyed as a result of the russian invasion. You can join the fundraising campaign for the restoration of the local hospital via the link (option — “War destroyed hospital”): /support/donation