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The total amount of damage caused to Bucha city in the Kyiv region due to the war is estimated at $191,3 mln

19 July 2022

The total amount of damage caused to Bucha city in the Kyiv region due to the war is estimated at UAH 5.2 bln or $191,3 mln. This can be seen from the analysis carried out by the KSE Institute team within the “Russia will pay” project. The calculation of the damage to Buchaʼs infrastructure was carried out on the basis of data collected in the framework of the RebuildUA project, initiated by SmartFarming and Vkursi Zemli. Digitized information about the infrastructure of the Bucha is the most accurate damage estimate for today. 

The occupation of Bucha lasted more than a month. The fighting continued constantly until the city was liberated on March 31, 2022. During this time, there were 2,512 32red casino reviewsbuildings in the city, 301 of which were completely or severely destroyed. 

The total amount of damage to infrastructure is UAH 5.08 bln, almost 50% is caused to the housing stock — UAH 2.4 bln, of which UAH 1.6 bln are due to the destruction of apartment buildings and almost UAH 679 mln — to private houses. In total, 861 private houses, 122 apartment buildings, 875 outbuildings, 149 townhouses, 202 garages and 35 greenhouses were destroyed and damaged in Bucha. The total area of the affected residential buildings is more than 1 million m2.  

The damage caused to the city’s social infrastructure amounts to more than UAH 2 bln. 32red sport reviewAs a result of the war, 26 educational institutions, 20 hotels and recreation facilities, 5 cultural and religious institutions, 3 offices and conference centers, and 1 sports facility were destroyed and damaged in Bucha. Among all damaged and destroyed objects of social infrastructure, the largest amount of damage was caused to commercial facilities — UAH 1.8 bln, and educational objects — UAH 152.4 mln.

Due to the destruction of the industrial infrastructure in Bucha, the city lost UAH 290 mln. Among the 127 destroyed and damaged industrial facilities, there are 39 industrial 32red casino reviewsbuildings, 24 utility buildings and 5 warehouses.

Another UAH 487,9 mln of damage was caused to Bucha as a result of damage and destruction of the other infrastructure such as energy industry facilities and water and heating supplies. 

The full report is available via the link.