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Official address of the President, faculty and researchers of Kyiv School of Economics

Official address of the President, faculty and researchers of Kyiv School of Economics


Rectors, professors, 32red sportslecturers, students and administrative personnel of universities and research institutes of the Federal Republic of Germany, United States of America, Canada, Great Britain, People’s Republic of China, Japan and other countries of the world

We, the rector, professors, lecturers, researchers and other personnel of Kyiv School of Economics appeal to academic communities of all countries of the world to support our decisive protest against the war, started by the president of Russia at 4 o’clock in the morning on February 24, 2022. This military attack on Ukraine is an act of unprovoked aggression 32red sports bettingagainst a sovereign and democratic European state. This is a tragedy and catastrophe for the people of Ukraine and Europe that will lead to irrevocable losses for the human civilization and its cultural heritage, impede scientific and technological progress, jeopardize democratic values of all people on the European continent and beyond.

  1. 1. We call for active inclusion of Ukrainian scientists to forums, discussions and analytical projects, that aim at truthful and unbiased coverage of events in Ukraine and their consequences for the world economy, politics and social life.
  2. 2. We call for support 32red casino reviewsto Ukrainian scientists, faculty and students by the means of establishing additional scholarships, fellowships, research projects and other support programs at your institutions.
  3. 3. We call to stop all financing of research and educational projects with Russian universities and research institutes. We also call for ceasing any collaboration with institutions, which openly supported militant and aggressive policy of Russia against Ukraine, in particular if they continue supporting Russian military invasion to the territory of sovereign Ukraine.
  4. 4. We call for your support in condemning Russian 32Red Casinoaggression against Ukraine, in launching peaceful initiatives and in seeking your government’s support to end this war on the European continent.

We ask for your support and further dissemination of this letter among your colleagues and friends!

President Tymofiy Mylovanov, professors, lecturers and researchers of Kyiv School of Economics