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Kyiv School of Economics joined the Government’s consultations with the European Commission on the Ukraine Plan under the Ukraine Facility

11 August 2023

Kyiv School of Economics has joined in the three-day consultations held by the Government of Ukraine and representatives of the European Commission, 32red casino reviewsin preparation for the Ukraine Plan under the Ukraine Facility program for 2024-2027. During these consultations, the participants worked on the plan’s concept, general structure, and distribution of topics, and also agreed on future actions.

Creation of sectoral working groups and support of the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine is one of the activities of the Good Governance Fund Project “Economic Hub: Sound PFM Policies and Vision for Growth,” which is supported by UK Aid from the UK Government. The project delivery partners are Abt Britain and Kyiv School of Economics. 

Support for the development of reforms to improve the business climate, as well as analytical support to the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine on these issues, is provided in the framework of the 32red casino reviewsEU-funded project “ Support tot “EU support to rebuilding and recovery” .

The Ukraine Plan will consist of several key blocks, which include macro-financial scenarios for recovery, major reforms, sectoral reforms, including policies on state assets and privatization, human capital, the business climate and financial markets, and strategies for developing priority sectors of the economy. Separate blocks will also be dedicated to improving the capacity to absorb investments and intersectional topics such as European integration, digitalization, regional development, and climate.

“We have had productive collaborations with our European partners and have created the initial drafts of the Ukraine Plan’s concept, the general structure, distribution of topics, 32red sport reviewand outlined the next steps. Although there is still much work and consultations to be done, this document will provide us with an action plan and specific reforms to strengthen the economy, facilitate European integration, digitalization, and regional development,” said Yulia Svyrydenko, First Vice Prime Minister – Minister of Economy

Specialized working groups, coordinated by the Ministry of Economy, are responsible for preparing the Ukraine Plan. Kyiv School of Economics provides analytical and consulting support to the Government during the preparation of the Plan and aids in organizing the work of specialized groups and sectoral groups with businesses.

“Leading Ukrainian and international experts, think tanks, and NGOs are involved in working on the Plan alongside 32Red Casinothe Government. Kyiv School of Economics also aids in organizing ongoing consultations with businesses – in over ten working groups, entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to provide their recommendations to relevant ministries regarding reforms and development of priority sectors,” said Natalia Shapoval, Head of the KSE Institute.

The first phase of the project will conclude at the end of October 2023. At this stage, the groups will formulate proposals for the Ukraine Plan, which is essential for the implementation of the Ukraine Facility financial assistance program provided by the European Union. This program, set to provide EUR 50 billion, will be available to Ukraine from 2024 to 2027.