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KSE Institute joined forces with the Leave Russia project in analyzing the situation on the Russian market

11 July 2022

KSE Institute is glad 32red casino reviewsto announce the launch of the Leave Russia project’s main website leave-russia.org, which was developed, launched and filled by a team of volunteers (Igor Vinnykov, Serhii Lohvin, Oleksandr Hurov, Vyacheslav Dorofeev and Tetyana Pushkash). The website design and its logo have been developed by company Brights on a volunteer basis. The website has been transferred to the KSE Institute for free.

The most complete and actual list of top companies and world-famous brands that have closed their business in Russia or continue to work in this market is presented on the website.

To collect data, we use press releases published on the official corporate 32red sports bettingwebsites and official statements published on the websites of reputable news agencies (such as Reuters and Bloomberg) or respectable international media publishers, such as FT, NYT, WP, etc. We also use publications in company blogs and company statements in their official social media channels. If there are no official statements, we use data from reputable media that interviewed the relevant company representatives.

The website has a unique and currently the largest database with over 2350 companies. The information published on the leave-russia.org website can be easily verified using links to official company statements, 32red sports bettingwhich eliminates ambiguous interpretation of the data.

A unique feature of the project is the neural network, which allows you to automatically find company news and timely update statuses in the database. You can get these news with help of the Telegram bot https://t.me/exit_ru_bot. The website provides detailed statistics on companies (including the number of staff, revenue, invested capital, etc.) and allows visitors with the help of social networks to contact companies directly with the demand to leave the Russian market.

We take every effort to track changes and promptly update information on the website. If for any reason the presented on the website information 32red casino reviewsseems outdated to you or incorrect, you can report it through the Feedback form and we will make the appropriate changes.

We plan to add a module with BI analytics soon, which will allow to get a detailed analysis of companies in various sections (by country and industry, tracking changes in capitalization and share prices over the period since the beginning of the war, etc.).

The website design and its logo have been developed by company Brights, who have agreed to transfer all copyrights to KSE Institute.


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